Her Removal from Padua


September 16, 1990

To type in Bodoni is one of the foremost desires of our civilization. Its “old” appearance pleases us, and yet it can look as modern as IBM. And don’t forget that the appearance of Bodoni in 10 pt is strikingly beautiful, finely sculpted. Perhaps an indented paragraph will show you what I mean.

By using Bodoni in 10 pt, we enjoy the appearance of these finely formed letters. It’s a kick, I know, to see these lines written, almost as if we had succeeded in breaking through the barrier at the end of the galaxy and reaching Vermont. This state is a State of Grace as much as an actual, physical state. It symbolizes to us much more than its actual image can convey. I seem to have reached an all-time high, or an all-time low, in spinning an unearthly tale. I feel many will listen to me, though, as my experiences strike resonant chords with their own.

Indentations and their aftereffects often delight us. And why not? To vary the rhythm of a page draws the reader in, setting an arachnid trap for his unsuspecting cousin. And how beautiful his cousin was! She’s a stimulating wench indeed, and we’ll have to seduce her within the fortnight! She loves italic as much as I do, and would appreciate here, I think, an indented paragraph containing nothing but Bodoni 10 pt italic. Perhaps it will arouse her, making her ready for my triumphant entry. The orchestral horns will bray, and the hunting horn will sound. The stage will be set for a mediŠval feast of sexual love.

Her removal from Padua sent me into a deep slumber from life. Without her presence in the walled city, I was unable to go about in the normal ways. I withdrew from the hunt, from the sports & games of my life. But I feel so strongly that it’s time I returned to them. Not triumphantly, as was my entry into her, but slowly & cautiously, so as not to interrupt the rhythms of life. And how like those rhythms were the rhythms of her lovemaking! Her hips revolved sensuously, rocking me in a tight, wet embrace. If I go to the court, if I go to the farthest reaches of the town, perhaps there I will find her!

Besides, even if I knew how to return, what’s to say I truly could? Because I’ve moved ever so far from the Right Path, and my return may be painful & slow. But that’s no matter, for I feel I must! Even within the confines of Padua, I remain an aloof and unearthly figure, living within and yet apart. Will I be rescued by the still-moving figure of the woman? Or will I wander ever farther, removing myself from the very orbit of the sun? No one knows now the answer to questions as momentous as these, but the coming days will clarify in all our minds the Dramatis PersonŠ of life!

Updated May 05, 1997.

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